The APS Virology Committee

The Virology Committee of the American Phytopathological Society meets annually during the Annual Meeting of the Society. Here is what they will talk about.

2013 APS Virology Committee Meeting
Convention Center, Austin TX, Room 16A
Saturday, August 10, 2013, 8:00 – 9:30 PM

Chair: Jorge Abad (
Vice-Chair: Satyanarayana Tatineni
Immediate Past Chair: Lucy Stewart (

  1. Call meeting to order.

  2. Roll call/Sign-in sheet for committee members. Pass around attendance roll.

  3. Remind members of the 3 year commitment-tenure, and re-enlist.

  4. Recognize travel awards, any other awards.

  5. Approve minutes from 2012 Annual Meeting. Please see attached.

  6. Special sessions sponsored by our committee for the 2013 Annual Meeting:
  7. Acknowledge funding support from USDA-APHIS-PPQ, AGDIA, Monsanto, Eurofins STA Laboratories.

  8. Mention technical sessions with virology-related talks on the agenda.

  9. Announce special sessions on the agenda, ask organizers to present a brief justification of each session proposals for the 2014 meeting:

  10. The submission link for 2014 session proposals will be available until August 13 (11:59 PM CT), and will re-open August 14until August 29, 2013 (11:59 PM CT):

  11. Special session proposals for the 2015 Annual Meeting
    Submission link for 2015 proposals is now also active and will be available until August 12, 2014:

  12. Follow up on the White paper submitted this year – Jim Schoelz

  13. Impact Statements: Committees have been asked to develop a package of impact statements that can be used to emphasize the contributions of our scientific discipline to agriculture and/or the general public. These should be as specific and concise as possible. Eventually, a draft with all the impact statements will be shared with the Committee for review.

  14. The 2013/2014 Councilor’s Challenge: “To develop a concept and story for a 3-5 min video and webinar that relates aspects of plant pathology to undergraduates, aiming to increase awareness of plant pathology and to gain undergraduates’ interest”. A $3,000 award will be given to the committee that develops the best video and webinar story and brings it to fruition. The due date for submissions is September 1, 2013.

  15. The APS Virology Committee website: We thank to Ulrich Melcher for continuing to keep our website current. Ulrich’s tremendous effort needs to be recognized. In this site, members can post documents for sharing, participate in discussions, and set up workspaces through the calendar and tasks functions. Please feel free to use the site for committee activities.

  16. Nominations: Please submit nominations for Council, APS Virology Committee, and APS Outstanding Volunteer Award.

  17. Election: Election of new Vice Chair for 2013/2014, who will be the incoming Chair for 2014/2015.

  18. Adjourn