The APS Virology Committee

One of the important functions of the Virology Committee is to propose and organize relevant program sessions for the Annual Meeting of the American Phytopathological Society. The suggestions for these special sessions are submitted and discussed at the Virology Committee meeting each year. Listed below are the sessions sponsored by the Virology Committee for the last 18 years as well as those being proposed for future years.


Year Session Type Subject Organizers*
2013 Special Session Virus Intracellular Accumulation and Movement as a Target for Disease Contro R. Nelson, J. Schoelz
  Special Session Filling the Gap: Understanding Factors Driving Expanding Distributions of Plant Viruses J. Zhou, J. Brown
2012 Special Session Bioenergy Crops and Disease R. Nelson and B. Agindotan
Special Session Genetics, Genomics, and Proteomics Approaches to Elucidate Arthropod-Vector Specificity J. Brown
Special Session Potato virus YAn Old Virus and a New Problem in Potato A. Karasev, S. Gray
2011Special Session Biology and Molecular Biology of Closteroviruses Naidu Rayapati and Alex Karasev
Special Session Management of Insect-Transmitted Plant Virus Diseases in the Tropics Naidu Rayapati and Sue Tolin
2010 Special Session Advances in Plant Virus Evolution Rodolfo Acosta-Leal and William Schneider
Special Session Virus Fishing with Chips: Plant Virus Microarrays and Next Generation Sequencing John Hammond, William Schneider and Maher Alrwahnih
2009 Symposium Evolutionary and Functional Genomics of Virus-Plant Interactions Alexander Karasev and Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar
Symposium “New” Nuances in Virus-Vector Biology Anna Whitfield, Judith Brown
2008 Special Session Plant Virology: Impact on Science And Society Alexander Karasev
Special Session Impact of Plant Virus Epidemiology: Past, Present and Future Sarah Pethybridge, Anna Whitfield and Forrest Nutter
2007 Symposium Potato Viruses and Potatao Seed Certification Alexander Karasev
Symposim Contributions of Plant Virology to Biotechnology Kai-Shu Ling and Rosemarie Hammond
2006 Symposium Viruses as Minimalist Pathogens: Multiplicity of Protein Functions in Pathogenesis R.W. Hammond and D. Rochon
Symposium New Regulatory Challenges: Rapid Changes in Taxonomy of Plant Pathogens A.V. Karasev and S. Adkins
2005 Symposium History of Plant Virology: A Century of Developing a Discipline Karen Scholthof and Paul Peterson
Symposium Host Factors that Interact with Virus Proteins to Influence Pathogenesis or Host Defenses Herman Scholthof and Jim Schoelz
Symposium Virus genetics: Leading to new insights in resistance and susceptibility Joe Anderson and Bill Wintermantel
2004 Symposium Interactions Between Plant Pathogens and Their Vectors Judy Brown
Symposium Closteroviruses—Citrus Tristeza Virus Complex and Tristeza Diseases Alex Karasev and Mark Hilf
2003 Symposium New and Old Viruses: Emerging and Re-emerging Threats to U.S. Agriculture Alex Karasev and Scott Adkins
Symposium New Developments in Begomovirology Judy Brown and Bob Gilbertson
Symposium Virus Evolution Bill Schneider and Ulrich Melcher
2002 Symposium Viral expression vectors Alex Karasevand Roy French
Symposium The interactions between endosymbiotic bacteria in insects and circulative transmission of viruses Gad Loebenstein
2001 Symposium Interactions Between Different Host Defense Pathways W. Gassmann and J. Schoelz
Discussion Mycoviruses B. Hillman
Symposium Soil-borne and Fungus-transmitted Viruses J. Verchot and W. Wintermantel
Symposium Suppressors of Gene Silencing R. Nelson
2000 Symposium Virus Genes Involved in Host Resistance and Susceptibility D. Gordon and S. Tolin
Colloquium Genomic Technologies and Applications for Plant/Pathogen Interactions J. Brown and J. Hammond
Colloquium Unusual Mechanisms of Viral Transcription and Translation K. Scheets & T. German
Discussion Applied and Basic Developments inthe Family Closteroviridae G. Wisler and W. Wintermantel
1999 Symposium Genetics and Mechanisms of Host Resistance to Plant Virus Infection R. Grumet and J. Culver
Symposium Reflections of 100 Years of Virology K.-B. Scholthof and M. Zaitlin
Colloquium New and Emerging Plant Viruses V. Damsteegt and S. Jensen
Colloquium Virus Movement H. Scholthof
1998 Symposium Mechanism Governing Virus Transmission by Insect Vectors D. Ullman and J. Sherwood
Colloquium Satellite Viruses, Satellite RNAs and Viroids C.M. Deom and K.-B. Scholthof
Discussion Virus Evolution U. Melcher and M. Roossinck
Workshop Laboratory Maintenance of Vectors of Pathogens K. Maramorsch and F. Mahmood
1997 Colloquium Plant Viruses as Tools R. Hammond and J. Culver
Discussion Plant Virus Synergies E. Anderson
1996 Colloquium Viruses that Infect Plant Pathogenic Fungi S. Ghabrial and B. Hillman
Colloquium Novel DNA Plant Viruses J. Hu and B. Lockhart
Discussion Cellular and Molecular Pathogenesis in Plant Viral Infections M. Edwards and R. Grumet
1995 Colloquium Do Plant Pathogens Control Plant Populations in Unmanaged Ecosystems? J Hammond and J. White
Colloquium Biochemistry and Genetics of Plant Viral Replication Z. Xiong and R. Nelson
Discussion Recombination Potential Between Transgenes and Viruses in Plants R. Nelson and J. Schoelz
1994 Colloquium Virus Movement: Cell to Cell and Long Distance C.M. Deom
Discussion Mechanisms of Virus Pathogenicity P. Berger and M. Zaitlin
Discussion Dependent Virus Transmission G. De Zoeten
1993 Symposium Exploitation of Transgenic Plants for BioControl R. Jordan and R. Nelson

P* = Proposed, for these topics "Organizer" refers to the proposer of the topic and does not necessarily indicate the individuals proposed to organize the session. A= anticipated, means that the proposal has gone forward from the committee.


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