The APS Virology Committee

The Virology Committee of the American Phytopathological Society met during the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Society. Here is what they did and talked about. The Minutes will be approved at the 2007 Annual Meeting.

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Minutes of the APS Virology Committee Meeting

APS Virology Committee Meeting
July 27, 2003
Charlotte, North Carolina

Current Committee Chair: Jim Schoelz
Immediate Past Chair: John F. Murphy jmurphy
Current Vice-Chair: Judith Brown jbrown@ag.arizona. edu

Current Committee Members Appointed Serves until
Marc Hilf 02 05
Lawrence Lee 02 05
Drake Stenger 02 05
Scott Adkins 01 04
Joe Anderson 01 04
Alexander Karasev 01 04
Richard Larson 01 04
Hsing-Yeh Liu 01 04
Gad Loebenstein 01 04
Baozhong Meng 01 04
Jane Polston 01 04
Wenping Qiu 01 04
Jeanmarie Verchot Lubicz 01 04
Jim Schoelz 00 05
John Murphy 99 04
Ron Brlansky 00 03
Clarissa Maroon 00 03
Brad Reddick 00 03
Bill Wintermantel 97 03
Judith Brown 98 05

Possible New Members
Martin Yassi, Anwar Rizvi, Saskia Hogenhout, and Bandla all expressed an interest in becoming members of the Virology Committee.

Members rotating off service in 2003: Ron Brlansky, Clarissa Maroon, Brad Reddick, Bill Wintermantel

The committee meeting was officially called to order by Chair Jim Schoelz on July 27, 2003 at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting was attended by 38 people.

Old Business
The committee approved the minutes of the previous Virology Committee meeting held on July 27, 2002 in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

New Business
1. Motion was made to approach the APS Public Policy Board regarding the recent difficulties APS members have experienced obtaining USDA-APHIS permits. Sue Tolin agreed to head a working group to investigate this issue. Drake Stenger, Judith Brown, and Jim Schoelz volunteered to serve on the working group.
2. Special sessions for the APS meeting in 2003 to be held in Charlotte, NC.

a. The three sessions held were:

1. New Developments in Begomovirology (Judy Brown and Bob Gilbertson, organizers).

2. New and Old Viruses: Emerging and Re-emerging Threats to U.S. Agriculture (Alex Karasev, organizer and Scott Adkins, organizers).

3. Evolution of Plant Viruses (Ulrich Melcher and Bill Schneider, organizers).

3. Ideas for sessions at the 2004 meeting in Anaheim, CA.

a. The following ideas were mentioned at the committee meeting or were carried over from 2001

1. Microarrays and new methodologies for virus detection/rapid diagnostics
2. Plant virus genomics
3. Viral protein structure and function
4. Host components involved in virus movement
5. Virion structure
6. Synergistic interactions
7. Gene silencing
8. Host resistance against virus infection
9. Virus-vector interactions

4. Two special sessions (Symposia) were decided upon:

1. Criniviruses: The Citrus Tristeza virus complex and citrus diseases to be organized by Alex Karasev

2. Plant pathogen-vector interactions to be organized by Judith Brown

5. Nomination and election of Vice-Chair for 2004 (Chair in 2005)
  Scott Adkins was elected by a unanimous vote.

Historical Perspective
-At the conclusion of the 2003 Virology Committee meeting, Judith Brown will be Chair and Scott Adkins will be Vice Chair.
-Past Chairs include Schoelz, Murphy, Wintermantel, Scheets, Culver, Deom, Nelson, Edwards, Hu, Hammond, German, Gergerich, Jordan, Lommel, Hewings, Sherwood, Dodds, Hampton, and D'Arcy.

6. International Union for Microbiological Sciences. John Murphy noted that the International Congress in Microbiology will be held in San Francisco in 2005. A representative from APS and the Virology committee was identified: Judith Brown agreed to serve as the representative.

7. Virology Student Travel Awards.
Anne Halgren, Oregon State University
Heather Melidossian, Cornell University

8. Virology Committee Web Page. The committee would like to thank Ulrich Melcher for developing and maintaining this website. It can be found at <>

9. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium. John Sherwood stated that $5,000 is available each year for this symposium. Scott Adkins mentioned that the deadline for 2003 and 2004 would be combined in this year. One subject that was suggested was Gene silencing.

10. American Type Culture Collection. John Sherwood mentioned that Rick Nelson's term as ATCC advisor will be completed this year and a new individual will be chosen as advisor. It appears likely at this time that the new advisor will not be a virologist. No new representative was appointed from the Virology group, apparently the structure for advising ATCC has changed.

Minutes from 2010, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001. Others not available.