The APS Virology Committee

Virology related affairs of the American Phytopathological Society are run by a committee, the Virology Committee, natch!

Committee membership is governed by rules and guidelines promulgated by APS. These stated: "All committee members are appointed to 3-year terms, renewable at the committees' discretion. All committee members begin their term on a committee at the end of the annual committee meeting. Their service on that committee concludes at the end of the APS annual meeting 3 years later. The length of service on a committee may be lengthened if a committee member is elected to be vice-chair. The length of service is then extended to cover the time the member serves as vice chair, chair, and immediate past-chair of the committee. Typically, one-third of the committee is appointed each year. "

Each year at the APS annual meeting, a vote elects a new Vice Chair. The new Vice Chair assumes his/her duties immediately after the annual meeting, and the previous Vice Chair is elevated to Chair.

Chair:  Jorge A. Abad
Vice Chair:  Satyanarayana Tatineni
Immediate Past Chair:  Lucy Stewart

Members and end year of appointment; see APS site for contact details:

Akhtar Ali

2013 Edwin J. Anderson 2014 Kai-shu Ling 2013 Scott T. Adkins 2013
Alma G. Laney 2013 Ajay Brakta 2014 Laurene Levy 2013 Sead Sabanadzovic 2014
Amanda C. Kaye 2013 Feng Qu 2013 Amar C. Fayad 2014 Fiorella M. Cisneros 2014
Stewart M. Gray 2014 Alexander V. Karasev 2014 Marites Sales 2014 Satyanayana Tatineni 2014
Astri C. Wayadande 2013 Diane E. Ullman 2014 Jorge A. Abad 2014 Stephen F. Hanson 2014
Bindu Poudel 2013 Hanumantha R. Pappu 2014 Mysore R. Sudarshana 2014 Stephen W. Mullis 2015
Bin Tian 2013 Ioannis E. Tzanetakis 2013 Naidu A. Rayapati 2014 Ulrich K. Melcher 2013
Carlos A. Angel 2013 Jing Zhou 2013 Jorge A. Abad 2013 Vernon D. Damsteegt 2013
Craig G. Webster 2013 John Hammond 2013 Judith K. Brown 2013 William M. Wintermantel 2013
Diego Fernando Quito Avila 2013 James E. Schoelz 2013     William Schneider 2013

C. D'Arcy Hampton A. Dodds
J. Sherwood Hewings S. Lommel
Jordan R. Gergerich T. German
J. Hammond J. Hu M. Edwards
R. Nelson M. Deom J. Culver
K. Scheets W. M. Wintermantel  John Murphy
Judy Brown Scott Adkins Alexander Karasev
Rosemarie Hammond Dennis Lewandowski Naidu A. Rayapati
Lucy Stewart    


APHIS Permit System (New Virus Working Group) Rodrigo Valverde


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